Saturday, February 19

First Picnic

This afternoon I decided that since it was such a pretty day I would feed Ella her lunch outside and she just loved it!
Too bad this first picnic also included 100 degree fever and a continuation of the ear infection from last week. Though it doesn't seem to bother Ella at all, I was VERY glad our pediatrician is open on Saturdays so we made a quick trip there for a 2nd antibiotic and hopefully she will be all better very soon!

Monday, February 14

A Message from Ella Kate


Love, Ella Kate

Tuesday, February 8

Five Months Old!

Ella Kate, today you are five months old. So what have you been up to these days besides growing bigger and bigger and being more entertaining everyday!

You are weighing just under 16 lbs and are about 26 inches in length.
You are still wearing a size 2 diaper and wearing exclusively 6 month clothes, though I think we are about to have to start moving you into some of your 6-9 month stuff.
This month you had lots of firsts...
You had to wear your snow suit for the first time not only because it was ridiculously cold, but...
You experienced your first snow! Though really you could of cared less as we can all tell by your face.
You used your high chair for the first time (sorry for the blurry picture... dang IPhones) because...
You are now able to eat solids! We started with cereal which of course you loved, and now are also eating sweet potatoes which you also love! Next week we are starting peas!
You also learned a fun new trick!

Yes, you are finally rolling over! Though you have only mastered the back to front roll, and when you get on your belly you scream bloody murder, but we are working on it! You have successfully rolled from front to back once for me but refuse to do it most of the time!
You also have officially received your first antibiotic! You currently have both an eye and an ear infection but some how you are still being the best baby ever! Luckily it has not interrupted your sleep at all and I am beyond thankful for that!
So what else has been going on in your life???
You have gotten your first tooth and are working on a second. Your little tooth is so cute! It is the bottom left and is almost sticking up enough where I can take a picture of it.
You have begun to talk more and more when you are happy and sometimes you giggle if we tickle you in just the right place.
Some of your hair has just begun to fall out in the back so you now have a small bald spot which is just too cute!

You still love your swing, but you also love your exersaucer. Unfortunately sometimes you only want to be in there if someone will sit next to you and talk to you.
You are turning more and more into a daddy's girl everyday. Usually you will only behave in church if your daddy has you. Luckily you are still a mommy's girl when you are tired and want to snuggle!

You are beginning to turn into such a wonderful little person and I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us. I have a feeling you may begin sitting up very soon!
We love you little girl!