Tuesday, July 28

Time to Share

So lately I have been doing a WHOLE lot of reading. First of all there is nothing on TV at night and Keith has been gone basically for the past 3 weeks so I don't have anyone to keep me company besides the cat and well he doesn't talk back and second of all, the bank has not been busy at all during the mornings and I have to find something to keep me busy or I might just die of pure boredom during those three hour shifts. I know my work life is really rough.

But anyway, back to the subject that I was actually talking about. So I have been reading and I just wanted to share some of the books that I have read in the past two weeks. Yes I read REALLY fast, faster than the normal person so I can get through a book pretty quick.

Ok so here we go...

First are these three books by Jen Lancaster. They are all memoirs and they all take place during different parts of her life. There is actually one more but I haven't gotten to it yet. Stupid library doesn't carry it which means that I actually have to go and buy it (I know who wants to make the trip all the way to Barnes and Noble. I mean geez it's on the other side of town)! Ok anyway, Jen Lancaster is hilarious! There is just something about her writing that cracks me up and keeps me interested during the entire book, well actually during three of her books. Great reads, very much recommended!

Don't know if any of you are as big of dorks as me and have ever watched the TV show Little House on the Prairie that was filmed back in like 1975, but I did, and sometimes still do when I really can't find anything to watch. I have read all of the books that the series was based on, and when I was looking for another book to read, I saw this one in the non-fiction section of the library, and since I am a huge sucker for a memoir, I just had to get it. Great book! Basically it is the life story of the girl that played Laura on the series and I couldn't believe half of the stuff that happened in her life. I mean heck, I didn't even know she dated Rob Lowe for like 8 years!

Lastly, is a series that 95% of reading humans have already read and I am just a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but oh well, I still have to share. I had seen the first five movies and decided instead of watching the movies again (for the like 400th time) I thought I would read the books. Plus Keith took the movies with him out on his job so that eventually we can go see the movie before it gets out of theaters and we have to wait another year for it to come out on dvd. I started the first one sometime last week and I am already on the 4th one. I am addicted and I am a dork. But I do have one complaint... seriously could the books stop getting longer. I mean geez the 5th one is almost 1000 pages, I can't believe kids that are like 8 years old can keep there attention on these books that long!
So I hope you all have enjoyed my review of the strangest combination of books around, but if you are as bored as me and need a good read, go and pick one of these up. I promise you will enjoy them!

Friday, July 24

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dress!

Well today over at Kelly's Korner she is doing a wedding dress show and I decided to participate. Unfortunately my scanner does not want to participate so you are going to have to bare with me on the pictures I am providing.

I got married in September of 2007 and oddly enough the design of my dress was named Septiembre. Ironic I know! My dress was by a spanish designer called La Sposa and I absolutly fell in love with it. There was not a single bead on it and that just fit me perfectly.

Here is the picture from the catalogue.

You can't really tell, but on the bodice of the dress there is what I would call a baseball stitching to accentuate the curves and I just loved it. It added just enough detail without putting any beads on it. I also LOVED the skirt of the dress. The pickups were just enough and we were able to mimic them in the bustle.

Here is the best picture I could find that was already on my computer that showed the details of the dress. Here you can see the way it was bustled to mimic the front of the skirt.

Well that is all I got. I hope you enjoyed my wedding dress, I know I definitely did! That day was the happiest of my life and I wouldn't have changed anything!

Wednesday, July 22

My list of DON'TS

I don't know if any of you out there follow Jenna over at Jenna's Journey, but I do and today she is doing a little Mcklinky event and I decided to participate. Today's Mcklinky is I DON'T so here is my list.

*I don't drink coffee... can't take the caffeine in it... but oh man how I love the smell of it!

*I don't know what I really want to do in life... though one day I think I will figure it out.

*I don't watch the news when Keith is not here at night... freaks me out even though nothing happens here in Tyler.

*I don't enjoy cleaning my house... but I force myself to clean at least 1 room every day. Otherwise things get way out of control around here.

*I don't use the dryer for about 50% of my clothing. We have a closet in the house that is specifically used only to air dry my clothes. I am 5'9" and if I dry my pants they all turn into capris.

*I don't enjoy carrying a purse. If I could find another way to carry my cell phone, wallet, and all of the other essentials one needs I would so do it. Seriously I feel that I am going to one day be lopsided because of the extreme weight that I carry around on a daily basis in that thing.

*I don't like to be hot unless I am working out or there is a reason for me to be hot. Then again I don't really like to be cold either. There really is no satisfying me when it comes to temperature.

Well that is my list of don'ts. What are yours? Go to Jenna's Journey and add to the Mcklinky!

Sunday, July 19

Weekend in Houston

Well unfortunately I had to give up waiting for Keith and had to head down to Houston by myself on Friday evening as Keith got stuck working on Sunday... seriously his job stinks! I got down there around 10 and headed straight to bed cause I was exhausted and knew it would be an early morning with my brother, SIL, and nephew flying in at 7 in the morning.

The second the everyone walked into the door from the airport I was 100% Austin devoted. I just love the little guy so much... So here are a few pictures from the way to short weekend.
Here is the little guy (though not so little... 30 inches and only 7 months old!) He is such a smiler and just is the happiest baby there ever was. He is seriously going to break some hearts one day.
Rolling the ball with his dad... notice he is clapping... he is seriously his own biggest fan... every time he does anything he just claps and claps. It is the funniest thing ever!
This is my parent's dog Popeye. Poor guy is very old (like 93 or something like that in human years) and can't really see except for some light and has no hearing, but he is the happiest dog ever. He was actually bought for my brother 13 years ago, but my parents kept him when my brother went to college. So here are my brother's two boys meeting for the first time. Popeye just couldn't figure out where that weird smell was coming from, but he was really sweet to Austin and Austin even tried to pet him a few times.
Today we went out to lunch at Landry's since we were out in the Woodlands and that was about all we could agree on. Shawn of course wanted Cane's but I was outright refusing! For some strange reason, Shawn decided to let Austin chew on the cold salad plate and he just loved it!

Here is me and my favorite little guy. No my eyes are not closed, I just squint really bad in pictures!

Well that is about the extent of my weekend. I spent as much time loving on the little guy as I possibly could since it will be another 6 weeks or so until I see him... and who knows how big he is going to be by then!

I also just want to say Congratulations to Michal over at The Future Jones' as she is no longer the Future Mrs Jones' but THE MRS. JONES! Wish I could have been at the wedding but I just know it was beautiful... Congrats Michal!

Friday, July 17

Ready for the Weekend

We are headed to Houston soon... well hopefully soon, still waiting on Keith to get home from work... and I can not wait! My brother, SIL, and nephew will be flying to Houston in the morning and I am soooo ready to see them! I know my brother is definitely ready for some family time as they are headed back from Hartford's funeral right now. Hopefully I will have some new pictures of the little monkey to share on Monday!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, July 13

Weekend on the Lake

I had a few minutes before I have to head out to Vacation Bible School so I figured I would make a quick post about my weekend on the lake!

I was invited to my friend Laine's parent's house on Lake Conroe for the weekend for a little fun in the sun and some catching up with the girls. Laine and I have been friends since high school but live too far away now to see eachother on a daily basis, actually I hadn't seen her since her wedding last year :(! It was the perfect excuse to escape for the weekend and I couldn't wait! Our friend's April and Kathryn who live in Baton Rouge met us there.

The picture below is the lizard that was hanging out on the steps one morning while I was laying out... I just had to get a picture! I know I am a dork Here is the beautiful view that we had from the deck. It was just the perfect deck to lay out on and we spent practically the whole weekend on it. (I have the slight sun burn to prove it)
Here are April and Kathryn hanging out in the lake. After a few hours of laying out we just couldn't take the heat anymore and we just had to jump in. Luckily there were some floatation devices that we could sit on so we didn't actually have to swim around the whole time.
Here is April and I hanging out on the big floaties that we found. We didn't last to long on them cause it just got way to hot. We finally just said screw it and hung out in the lake.
It was such a great weekend and I wish I wouldn't have had to come home on Sunday. The rest of the girls were lucky enough to be able to stay until tomorrow.

Thanks Laine for a great weekend and hopefully we can do it again soon!

A Prayer Request

I have a few posts I need to get up as I made The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls last week and I also just got back from a girl's weekend on Lake Conroe, but I feel that this post is WAY more important.

I am asking for anyone who reads my blog to please say a prayer for my brother and for his friend Hartford's family. Hartford was killed last night in a car accident near El Dorado, AR and my brother is pretty distraught over it as him and Hartford were extremely close. They went to PT school together and were inseparable for those three years. Shawn was actually just in Hartford's wedding 2 weeks ago. Hartford's wife is still in the hospital and I am not sure of much with her but I do know that she was in ICU and has had to have at least one surgery.

So please say a prayer today for the Watson family and for my brother. Shawn and my SIL are currently en route to Little Rock where Hartford's wife is recovering.

Here is a picture of Shawn and Hartford at a Razorback game last year.

Saturday, July 4

Someone Wanted to Say...

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
(and no I did not pose him like that... he really enjoys carrying the flag around in his mouth, excpet for when I get out the camera!)
I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day!

Thursday, July 2

Some New Blogs to Share...

I have had way to much time on my hands lately and have been spending more time on the internet than one human being probably should, but I have come across some great blogs and I thought I should share them.

First we have Big Mama. Though I am pretty sure that half the internet currently reads her blog, I just found it about a month ago and just love it!

Next we have Katie, over at Good Things Catered. I used to read another of Katie's blogs, The Happy Homemaker, but that one is not around anymore. This blog is mainly recipes, recipes, and more recipes and I just love it. I have made a few of her cookie recipes and they are just awesome!

Another I have been reading is about the crazy family of 6 (with 4 kids until 5) over at It's Almost Naptime!! I have huge respect for this woman as I could not even imagine taking care of 4 little ones like that!!!

Another is The Pioneer Woman, which again I am pretty sure half the internet world reads. I just found her thanks to Big Mama and I CAN NOT WAIT to try some of her recipes. Next week I will be making her famous cinamon rolls and will definitely be sharing!

And the last one I will share today is Newlyweds. I found this thanks to Misadventures of a Newlywed as she was featured today over there and have been spending some time reading today and just love it. She features all kinds of things from interviews with Newlyweds, recipes, and great photography!

So spend some time if you have way to much free time like me and check these out. Great reads I promise