Tuesday, June 14

Rowan's Baptism

This past weekend we headed to Baton Rouge for Keith's godson's baptism. Since we used to live in BR we were able to see lots of friends along with Keith's family while we were there which was wonderful!

We stayed with my old boss and good friend Sarah and her husband PJ in their beautiful new house. It was great to see them (I lived with Sarah almost a month during our transition to Tyler) and spend a little QT with them!

Our first major event while we were there was lunch with some of my old coworkers and their kids!
This is Gianmario and Ella. Gian was born three weeks before Ella and they were so funny together! I couldn't believe we actually got a few pictures of them looking at the camera!

Doesn't this picture look like they just got caught doing something they weren't supposed to! I know if we still lived in BR these two would be the best of friends - and probably get into LOTS of trouble.

Saturday evening Keith's parents kept Ella over at Keith's aunt and uncle's house so they could get a little QT with the miss and we could spend some time with Brad and Courtney without the kids. I think it was probably the first time in almost 3 years that the 4 of us went out without a kiddo! It was wonderful and we went to our favorite place in BR, Parrain's! So many fun memories of that restaurant!

Sunday was Rowan's baptism and reception. We were able to see so many of Keith's family members which was great!

Here is the little man waiting for the service to start. This child is the best behaved baby ever! I think I have only heard him cry twice and it was more like a whimper than a cry. He is just so laid back and will just go with the flow at all times. It is probably a good thing cause his older brother is always in constant motion!

The proud godparents (also known as Parrain and Nanny in LA)! You could just tell that both of them were so excited to be godparents for the first time. I am pretty sure this little man is going to be quite spoiled by the two of them.

The parents and godparents with Rowan. (from L - Keith, Brad (Keith's cousin), Rowan, Courtney, and Melissa (Courtney's cousin)).

Parrain and his little man! Rowan was so great taking pictures. He makes the funniest pictures and just hams it up for the camera!

After the baptism, there was a lunch and reception at Courtney's aunts house so everyone could hang out for a bit. I was able to snap a few pictures before Ella crashed!

Ella letting her Gigi love on her. I know Gigi was so glad to have all three of her great grandchildren at the same place as her for once. Normally none of us get to be home at the same time so it was wonderful!

Godparents with their godchildren. We let them switch kids for awhile and I know Keith was having fun playing with a little man and we all know Courtney only dreams of having a little girl. I always tell her she can borrow mine any time she wishes :)

A quick picture of Nona, Ella, and Papa. I was surprised that she ACTUALLY smiled for once in a picture. She is getting much better when she sees the camera come out!

We were so sad to actually have to come home on Monday after eating such great food and being able to visit with all of the friends and family. It's ok though, another trip to LA is coming up in two weeks. This time we will be headed to Lafayette for a wedding and I can not wait! So many of my friends from literally all over the world will be in!

Wednesday, June 8

9 Months Old

Ella Kate is now 9 months old! I can't even believe how quick time has flown. So what have you been up to in the last month?

You are 21 lbs and wearing a size 3 diaper

You are in 12 month clothes exclusively! You definitely don't skip meals!

You eat anything we put in front of you and you are yet to meet a food you don't like. In the past week you have tried Strawberries, Asparagus, Potatoes, and Cherrios!

You started standing up while we were in Hot Springs and now if you can you are standing. You stand next to the fire place, the ottoman, the cribs at daycare, anywhere you can!

You really like to bear crawl on your hands and feet - guess you think you can get there faster like that!

You love to babble constantly! Unfortunately your favorite word is Dada! I just don't know how that happened! We really have to work on Mama.

You have really begun grinning at us lately and it really just cracks us up! You have such a personality and it comes out every day more and more!

We love you monkey!

Sunday, June 5

It's Summer Time!

We decided to buy Ella a swimming pool to hopefully help us beat the ridiculous Texas heat and we decided to try it out this weekend! She loved it! I really liked it to cause I get to work on no longer being Casper the friendly ghost!
Trying to figure out where she is at! It took her a little while to realize it was a huge bathtub!

Doing a little splashing in the pool! I bought her a few pool toys, but she would much rather play with a water bottle or climb all over me.

She refuses to look at the camera! I promise she really does like the pool, though this face isn't really convincing!