Saturday, March 26

Spring Pictures!

On Monday I went to a MOPS meeting where they talked about taking good pictures of your kids. I really learned a lot and I decided to try out a few of the techniques that she talked about. Luckily Ella Kate was looking as cute as ever today and our one Azalea was in bloom! I also did a little bit of editing using Picasa from Google.

We are taking Ella's 'REAL' 6 month pictures tomorrow - barring now sudden illness or impromptu trips (we have rescheduled them twice already)! Once those have come back from editing I will be posting my favorites!
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Tuesday, March 22

Ella's 6 Month Check Up

We went for Ella's 6 month check up last week and I meant to post her stats, but I forgot and since my Iphone just crashed and lost all of that info, I figured I better write it in here before I forget!
Weight 17 lbs 12 oz
Length 26 1/2 inches (though we think she is way longer than that)
I am praying I can get the info back on my phone but it is not looking like it right now which is so disappointing! Dang Electronics!

Monday, March 21

Impromptu Trip to Houston!

We decided to take a quick trip to meet Keith in Houston since it was easier for him to drive there then all the way back to Tyler between jobs. Luckily a trip to Houston also means a trip to visit the cousins! We had Brad, Courtney, Easton and Rowan come over to my parents for dinner and hanging out. I had forgotten my camera, but luckily I was able to use my mom's and catch a few pictures of the kids.
Ella (6 months), Rowan (3 months), and Easton (3 years). Funny thing is it isn't Ella copying Easton in this picture but him copying her!
Rowan and Ella. I just know they are going to be the best of friends even though they currently live 3 hours away from eachother!
Little monster taking a quick bath in the sink. We have the same type of picture of Austin around the same age. It was so much easier bathing her in there than in the tub now that she can sit up!

We had a great quick trip down to Houston and hopefully be will be back again soon!
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Thursday, March 17

Just a few pictures!

I discovered today and was having fun playing with their photo editing software so I thought I would share a few pictures that I played around with. I can't believe how much she had changed in just 6 short months! I used to think she was so big when she was just a month old and look at her now! I can't imagine what she is going to look like in 6 more months!
I didn't get a really good picture of the little munchkin dressed in her green, but here is a little snapshot!

Do you see that child's crazy hair! This is why I usually try and keep a bow in it! It is starting to get curlier and more unruly by the day. I don't even want to think about what it will be like in another month.

Tuesday, March 8

Six Months Old!

Ella Kate you are six months old today! Man how time flies! Let's just say a lot has changed in those six months...

I am not sure of your weight and length, but we go next week to the doctor so I will post that then.

You are wearing a size 3 diaper (we moved you up last week)

You are wearing some 6-9 clothes and 9 months. We are slowly retiring all of your 6 month things as they are getting too short in the torso. We have also noticed the 9 month sleepers are already getting too short - you are just growing TOO MUCH TOO QUICK!

You are still taking 5 bottles a day some 6 oz and some 8 oz.

You are now eating sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas and pears. We are starting you on applesauce this week which I just know you will enjoy - you haven't met a food you didn't like yet.

Look what your newest trick is...

Yup you are sitting up like a big girl! You pretty much went from laying down to sitting up with no time in between. We still like to stay near you cause you do wobble a bit and you can't sit back up once you fall over but it is your favorite position to be in!

You also got a 2nd tooth in the past month, and I think there are a few more coming in!

You also want to get your hands on everything near you... as you can see by our little photo shoot...
Unfortunately this also means you want to get our phones at all times! I guess it doesn't help that you always see them in our hands. Oh well you will probably always have cell phones around you so might as well start you either.

Well you are definitely turning into a little person and aren't really a baby anymore and you let us know it every day! You are so ready to be a big kid it isn't even funny! We love you more and more everyday and can't wait to see what is next!