Friday, November 25

Happy Black Friday!

My little turkey wants to wish everyone safe shopping today! Keith and I will be spending our day tailgating and attending the LSU v Arkansas game while Nona is hanging out with the little Miss.

We sure hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed all the Turkey (preferably deep fried... Thats how we like it!) they could possibly eat! Our day was wonderful and included a great meal, lots of family, a birthday party, a visit from Santa and even an impromptu Turkey Bowl! Don't worry lots of pictures to come.... Those Underwood and Dicke families get real serious about their pickup football games (this one even had Papa Dicke laying out trying to catch a few passes!)

Welcome to the Holiday Season everyone!

Tuesday, November 22

The Lime

We went to eat on Sunday night for a friend's birthday and Ella decided she wanted to taste one of the limes that was on the table. Knowing that she loves pickles (just as much or maybe more than her momma), we decided to let her go for it. Here is the progression...
Sad thing is, she continued to eat them even after this face was made!   She even tried to share them with her daddy.  Guess like mother like daughter, my kid loves a little sour in her life!

Wednesday, November 2

Happy Halloween!

So as usual I am a little late with the obligatory Halloween Post but since this is a record of our family life, I have backdated it to keep things in order.

I loved Ella's little outfit for Halloween, but she refused to let me get a good picture of her in it.  She is just not a fan of having her picture taken.  Guess she is too busy going going going all the time!  You just can not get that girl to stop for a minute unless its Nap or Bedtime.

Since our little lady loves to dance around like crazy, we decided to dress her as a dancer, but not just any dancer, we went full on 80's with oversized sweatshirt and legwarmers included!  Ella does this crazy thing with her feet that is reminiscent of flashdance so I felt it was 100% appropriate!
Doesn't she just look great!  She loved her little costume and made sure to dance plenty for us all night.  Unfortunately she would not pose for a picture of me and Ella looking down or her back was the best I could get.
I made Chicken Tortilla Soup and brought it over to our friend's Jill and Cody's house for Ella to do a little trick or treating and hand out some candy.  Jill and Cody have two little dogs and Ella had a blast chasing them around and feeding them her goldfish and dinner.
You can barely see her in the background, but that is Chloe eyeing Ella and waiting for her to drop more food on the ground.  I am pretty sure those poor dogs had gained 5 lbs by the time Ella was gone.
I can't help it but I just love that little tush!  Guess that's a good thing since usually this is the only side of her I get when taking pictures!
Can't wait to see what crazy costume we decide to put Ella in next year.  There has already been talk of bringing back Fred and Wilma now that Pebbles has made her arrival :)
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Tuesday, November 1

Nona and Papa Visit

Nona and Papa came to visit the little miss a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting.  While they were here we tried to keep EK as busy as possible cause she likes to Go Go Go (which while they were here she learned to say!)

Saturday we took a little trip to the zoo which not surprising Ella loved.  Here Papa spoiled her and picked her up to see every exhibit which she just loved!

The lions were out sunning themselves and I had to get a picture of the King of the Jungle.  This was after he had been sunning his belly but that picture didn't come out good!
We let Ella run around a bit and she just loved it!  The Caldwell Zoo is great because it is so spread out that it never feels like there are lots of people there.  It was Boo at the Zoo the weekend we went and still we never had to fight people to see the exhibits which was just great when you have a 1 year old that wants to constantly go!
Ella and her Papa tried and to take a picture in front of the big spider web.  If you can't tell by EK's face, she was squirming to try and get free so she could go and run around.
 Sunday we spend most of our afternoon outside which Ella would love to do 100% of the time.  That kid just loves the outdoors.  She was having a blast with her Papa driving her around in the wagon. 
She also had a blast playing on her little playhouse.  Unfortunately she has not mastered the art of going down the slide just yet, but I did get some great action shots.  These just crack me up!
We had a great time with Nona and Papa in town and can't wait to go to LA for Thanksgiving to spend more time with them and the rest of the Underwood family!
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