Tuesday, November 30

The First Thanksgiving

This past week we went and stayed with my parents for 5 days along with my brother, sister in law, nephew and Keith's parents. Unfortunately I am really bad at taking pictures and got barely any which is very disappointing! I got no pictures of anyone with Ella except for Austin and they aren't even clear!

Well here are the pictures I did take... Enjoy!
Austin loving on his baby cousin. He was so sweet to her - well most of the time!
Trying to give Ella a kiss while she was in her swing... it didn't go so well!
We went to the zoo on Wednesday and after our trip my mom gave Austin a bag of zoo animals. he carried around the Zebra and Lion the entire time and at one point he decided he needed to share his animals with Ella. I got this picture when only she still held the Tiger and the Rhino, but at one time I think there were about 6 or 7 animals on her.
Here we are after eating a delicious Turkey dinner... I don't think I ever got a nap in on Turkey day which is REALLY disappointing!
One of our goals while both of the grandkids were at mom's was to get a picture of them in their Christmas outfits that mom bought them. Unfortunately we could never get both children to cooperate! Here is a picture of little monkey in her Christmas dress. I can't wait to get her all dressed up for Christmas and take some better pictures!

It was a great trip down to the parents, but by the time we got back on Sunday we were beat!

Saturday, November 20

What's That???

It's a very happy baby cause someone has been sleeping through the night! She slept from 10-5 on Wednesday, 10-6:30 Thursday, and 10-7 Friday... makes for one happy mommy too! Now I am just hoping it keeps up. I have heard from many people that their children slept through the night for a few months and then starting waking up again. I am REALLY hoping that she doesn't do that! Guess we wait and see!

Monday, November 8

Two Months Old

Ella Kate you are two months old so what have you been up to (besides learning how to use that pouty lip)?

You are around 24 inches and 11 1/2 pounds - getting to be a big girl
You are still wearing 3 month clothing, but your sleepers are starting to get a little tight.
You are in a size 1 diaper - also getting a little snug!
You have been smiling so much lately! You really are the happiest in the mornings when you wake up and right before you go to bed.
You are still a wonderful napper! You are usually awake around 1 1/2 hours after each of your bottles and then you are ready to crash.
You haven't yet slept through the night but you only get up once around 3 or 3:30 and I think we can handle that.
You have such a strong neck and legs and love to stand up on us.
You definitely have to be able to see everything around you or you get mad. At daycare you love to sit in a swing where you can see the whole room. That's where I leave you when I have to go to work and usually where you are when I pick you up.
You definitely know our voices and will look around when you hear them which really makes me smile!
You are growing more and more everyday both in size and what you do! I can't wait to see what the next month will have in store for us!
We Love You!

Tuesday, November 2

Ella Kate is famous...

Ok not really but her birth announcement was featured on the Pinch of Lovely blog! Go check out all of Krystal's beautiful work! Thanks again Pinch we loved them!

Monday, November 1

Ella's First Halloween

Well as everyone knows yesterday was Halloween and of course Ella Kate had to put on a costume even though she wasn't old enough to go trick or treating yet. here are a few pictures
Our beautiful little ladybug... who was not to impressed with her costume. She really didn't enjoy the hat and it really was too hot for her.
With her daddy... there really must have been something interesting over to the side.
Ladybug and mommy! Looks like she might have even been cracking a smile!
We didn't really do much for her first Halloween, just went over to our friends Aubrey and Trey's house for a bit then came home and crashed. Her daddy sure can't wait until next year when we all can dress up and go get some good candy!