Monday, January 4


Thanks to all of the cold weather we have been having and all the traveling I have been doing, I have had quite a bit of time to do lots of reading! I have been stuck on reading books that have been turned into movies so here are a few of my favorites:

This book was wonderful, and I have to say, the book was 5000 times better than the movie! Great read and you will love it if you love reading books about families and their bonds. Also a tear jerker at the end!

Now I haven't seen the movie for this one yet, but I did just request it from NetFlix so it should be on it's way soon, but I will definitely recommend the book. Great book if you love food and recipes, which we all know I do! I loved reading about Julie's escapades in the kitchen, and many times I feel just as frustrated as she does when trying to get meals ready.

I am still reading this one, but the movie was just beyond wonderful and the book has not disappointed yet! Not only will it appeal to the men and their sports sides, but it is such a great story of family, faith, and relationships.
So have you been reading anything good lately?

Sunday, January 3

The Nephew is Officially One!

The week before Christmas was Austin's first birthday, so off we went to Fayetteville for not only the birthday party, but also to celebrate Christmas with my family.

It was wonderful seeing the little guy (my family too) and let me just say he loves his Aunt Tracy, and no I am not just saying that, you really can ask anyone. He gives me more kisses that anyone, including his mom and dad! I am sure it is just the brown hair, too many blondes around I catch him off guard and he must just be intrigued by me!

My Brother and SIL threw him an Elmo party as that kid just loves Elmo. He just lights up when he sees or even just hears him. The party was at Whole Hog Cafe in Fayetteville and the food was just great! Here are a few pics from the party
This is Austin's smash cake, though there just was not any smashing going on with him! He was not interested in the cake at all. Must not be related to me!
Here is my family before the party. This is the picture that went out for my mom's Christmas cards. I think this is the only family picture we have since my wedding and definitely since Austin came along.
Here is the little monster while opening presents. Though you can't see her, my SIL is the one actually opening the presents. He just was not into it until they were out of the paper and you could see them.
Here is Austin and my brother reading the birthday card that I got him. It was Elmo signing happy birthday to him and he was just amazed. I think I kept his attention the longest of anyone!
And last but not least, here he is trying to figure out what the cake was that they had put in front of him! Now I have to give the kid at least a little break, he had just woken up from a nap and we pretty much forced him to play with the cake so he was not very happy with us!
After the party on Saturday, we did Christmas with my family. Unfortunately I did not remember to take any pictures while we were opening presents so nothing fun to show from the evening!

Friday, January 1

Happy New Year!

I hope this post finds all healthy, happy, and enjoying the beginning of 2010!

I have so much to post about, but just not enough hours in the day. I am going to try and do better and post more, so be looking for new posts coming from me soon!

Until then Geaux Tigers... they are playing in the Capital One Bowl today against Penn State... keep your fingers crossed for a big win!