Tuesday, June 30

I think something is wrong up at my brother's house...

I received this picture today

Now most people would say... well what is wrong with that... but you don't understand. My brother is the biggest Nebraska fan there is. Not only does he have a closet full of Nebraska gear (and no he did not go there) but he has forced his wife to own probably at least 10 shirts, and poor little Austin already has a ridiculous collection of both winter and summer Nebraska gear. My SIL is from Arkansas and has not only grown up to enjoy Arkansas sports (poor girl) but her dad also played football for Oklahoma State, so she also has that running through her blood.

When this onesie was purchase for Austin, before we knew he was an Austin and not an Abigail or an Amy, I was told that it would never be placed on his body and would most likely be re-gifted to us when the time came for Keith and I to pop out a little one. So imagine my surprise when I received this picture today!

Guess my brother came to the realization that if he wanted his child to play for a baseball dynasty, he was just going to have to allow his kid to love the purple and gold... either that or Austin has outgrown all other articles of clothing!

Thursday, June 25

Tigers WIN!

Not much has been going on here. Keith has been gone working all week and should be back this evening. I have just been trying to keep myself busy with work, the gym, and keeping up with things around the house. I did go and help out at church last night with the VBS decorations and will probably continue helping for the next few weeks until its time for VBS.
One thing VERY exciting did happen this week though... The LSU baseball team was crowned National Champions last night and I am so proud to be a TIGER!

I hope everyone is having a great week, and hopefully the next few weeks will be a little more exciting around here.

Sunday, June 21

Just had to share this...

Though I was not in AR to witness this, Austin had his very first dip in the pool this weekend. My brother sent me these pictures and I just had to share them with the blog world. I know I am partial, but isn't he just the cutest thing in the world??? And my brother swears that he did not pose him, this is how Austin chose to sit!

I mean seriously... what 6 month old do you know that just loves to wear his sunglasses?? This one does... he gets a little angry if you take them off I hear!

Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to wish both of our dad's a very happy father's day! Wish we could have spent today with at least one of them, but unfortunately my dad is somewhere traveling the world as usual, and there was not any way for us to make it to Covington with Keith's work schedule to see his dad. Maybe next year.

Here is my dad with his favorite person in the world... his grandson... this is at Austin's first baseball game.

Here is Keith with his dad at Keith's graduation from LSU. This was over a year ago, but it was really the most recent picture that I have not shared.

I also want to wish my big brother a happy 1st father's day. Here he is when his little guy was just a month old.
And to all those other father's, grandfather's and just to all those men out there hoping to one day be a father, I wish you all the best day ever!

Friday, June 19

Much Happier Now...

I have never been one to spend a lot of money on haircuts, but being here in East Texas and having been to about 4 different places trying to get my old hair back without looking like I just stepped out of the 1980s thanks to the fascination of the very large round brush I finally decided that I was just going to have to suck it up and pay. Let's just say, that was the best 60 bucks I have ever spent. If I was one to just randomly take pictures of myself (which I am not, cause I hate pictures, and especially close up pictures) I would have taken pictures of my fabulous new haircut thanks to Lisa over at The Rage Salon. I will definately be going back... I sure hope that Keith thinks that his 60 bucks were well spent, cause I plan on doing it every 8 weeks now! We may be in a recession and we may both have just received very large pay cuts, but I do believe that keeping me and my hair happy is something Keith will agree to allow!

I hope everyone has a great weekend... I know I will especially if LSU wins their game today... that is if they ever get out of the rain delay!

Wednesday, June 17

Such a Great Day

Yesterday after work, I headed straight to Dallas to see the nephew. It was so wonderful to see him, and basically we did a lot of this... Oh and then this...
Yea and this too...
Basically we just stared at eachother the whole time. I think he is amazed by the dark hair. Most of my SIL's family is blonde as our most of their friends, so Austin only sees dark hair when myself, my dad, or Keith are around him. Just makes him love me more! The elmo that he has in these pictures, I brought up for my mom, and he just loves it already.
After we hung out in the hotel for a few hours and my SIL was done with her conference for the day, we headed down to the West End area of Dallas and just enjoyed the nice weather (even though it was hot!) and had a great dinner at RJ Mexican which was soooo good!
Here we are right before I had to hit the road and head back to Tyler... I so did not want to leave and can't wait until I get to see both Austin and Jenn again!

Monday, June 15

Yeah I know it has been awhile...

But I have not had much to say and not much has been going on so I figured I would wait. But now after a fun filled weekend, I actually have something to post about!
We spent the weekend at my parents in Houston and we picked the perfect weekend to go as it was also Keith's cousin Brad's birthday, so we were able to see some of Keith's family while we were there which was nice!
So our weekend started off going here
and for those of you not from Houston or who have never visited, this is Star Pizza which has some of the best pizza ever! My parents are lucky enough to live within walking distance which is really nice when you want that pizza fix! We followed up our dinner with a visit to one of our favorite places, Houston's Laff Stop with some friends for Brad's birthday. We saw comedian Greg Warren who was wonderful! I don't think I have seen a funnier show there and we go just about every time we are in Houston.
Of course on Saturday Mom and I had to take a little shopping excursion, and though we were not successful at buying anything, we did have a good time. Since we were as close to Louisiana as it looks like we are going to get this summer, we decided to eat lunch at one of the best "cajun" restaurants in Houston.
MMM.... I can still taste the great gumbo (yes I ate gumbo even though it was 100 degrees outside. I have to eat it when I can get my hands on it!!!)
Saturday evening we went to a BBQ for Brad's birthday and to watch the LSU game (Go Tigers!!! Game 2 for them in the College World Series is tonight!) We had a lot of fun which was just topped off by LSU winning their first game. Here are a few pictures from that night.
Brad's Barney Birthday Cake cause his wife Courtney is nuts and thought it was funny!
Brad and Courtney's little boy, Easton, checking out his Uncle Keith.

Uncle Keith playing with Easton... sorry it's blurry, they wouldn't stay still long enough!

And this is what you get when you ask Easton to smile... he is such a Ham!

The birthday boy blowing out his candles!

Well that was our weekend! I love it so much that my parents are only 3 short hours away! Tomorrow I am headed to Dallas to see the nephew and I can't wait! My SIL is in Dallas for a conference and luckily brought the little guy with her so I could see him! Oh I can't wait!!! I have my fingers crossed that Keith will be off too so that he can see him! I should have lots more pictures to post on Wed when I am back!

Saturday, June 6

Not good... Not good at all!

Ok I have tried to type this post 4 times now... and my computer just keeps deleting it. So I will give the short version.

My Mom = procedure Monday = PRAISES... all good

Keith = layoff or demotion = Thursday... lots of thinking but he is taking the demotion thanks to this great economy

Me = crazy woman = Rest of week...trying to figure out how we are going to figure this all out financially.

So that is our life right now... updates later when I can type without deleting it constantly.

Monday, June 1

Just Another Money Spending Weekend Here...

Well, we had to make another large purchase that was not planned this weekend, and though I am very excited about this purchase, I am not excited about that amount of money that I no longer have. So what was this purchase you ask??? Well I will give you some hints...
  1. It is a necessity in daily life.
  2. It has many uses including photo viewing, video watching, and so many other things, but if I listed them it would just give it away.
  3. It is a necessity in order to post on blogger, well at least for me.

So ready, set, guess....









So were you right??? I am going to go with yes. My old laptop has been on it's last leg for quite some time now, and I have just been lucky enough to be able to use my work laptop for most of my internet and computing, but I will be placing the work laptop in the mail this week so I no longer will have the luxury of that one. I decided about a week ago to go back to my old reliable computer to get used to it again and well... it has officially crapped out on me. And as much as I love my shiny new red Dell laptop, I am very sad that I had to make this purchase at this time with the cut in our income that we just had. But oh well... I mean I have to have a computer, I just don't think I could literally function without one. Really makes me think about how we survived before all of this technology!