Saturday, August 27

How Do I Use This Thing???

This morning I decided it was time that we let Ella Kate try and use a spoon.  I made her some banana, brown sugar, and cinnamon oatmeal and let her dig in.  Here is the outcome...
Mom, don't you know my hands work so much quicker than this contraption???
Oh is this not the end I am supposed to use.  It sure does taste good!
And we are back to the hands!

Good thing she needed a bath this morning as she was COVERED in oatmeal.  Guess we will try again another time!

Friday, August 26

Tuesday, August 16

Spaghetti Monster!

Ella had spaghetti for the first time tonight.
Let's just say...

Good thing it was bath night, cause she was covered. It was everywhere, including in her diaper! How she did that one will never know!

Monday, August 15

Iphone Pictures!

I just thought I would share a few pictures from my Iphone today

So what do we have here...
 We recovered our breakfast table chairs last week and my mom made a valance for the window.  It was my first real DIY project at the house.  Normally I leave all of that to Keith.
 This is my friend Jessica's new little boy Jude.  He was born on August 7.  Isn't he adorable.  He joins big sister Harper who is 1 1/2. 
No explanation needed!
Here is the little miss working on her first puzzle yesterday.  She understood that the pieces needed to go back on the board, but couldn't figure out how to put them there.  All in time!

Saturday, August 13

Visit with the Nephew!

This past week my SIL was in Dallas for a conference so we decided to go and spend the day with Austin while she was busy in class.  Since it has been about 100 degress plus for the past month here we tried to think of something fun for a 2 1/2 year old and an almost 1 year old to do.  We decided a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium was in order.  Unfortunately since I am so great at remembering to use my camera while we are out and about there are no pictures from our time at the aquarium.  It was so much fun having Austin tell me all the colors of all the animals and even telling me what some of them were.  Ella really loved sitting in her stroller and pointing to all of the animals she could see.  Austin's favorite was the Jaguar (or as he said 'that thing that looks like a Cheetah).  Ella's favorite was probably the Manatee - the biggest thing she could see haha!

After our trip to the aquarium and some lunch in the West End at Sonny's BBQ we went and spent our afternoon hanging out at the hotel.  Here are a few pictures:
 I told my mom I would try and get a picture of her two grandchildren together.  This unfortunately is the best I could do.  Austin was all about sitting next to Ella and posing, but Ella really didn't want to sit still no matter what toy Austin tried to give her (you see how she ended up with her food bowl).

Austin was so great with Ella the whole time.  He shared all his toys with her and even some of his snack.  I told him that Ella couldn't have blueberries which he happened to be eating so each time he went to eat one he would say 'Ella, you can't have these' which I just thought was so funny.  That kid seems to remember everything!
Austin hamming it up for the camera - as I said he was all about taking some pictures!  It is amazing how much he has grown just since we saw him in May!  I can't wait to see what it is going to be like at Christmas time.
Here is the 2nd best picture I got of the two of them.  Don't they look like they are in time out!

Unfortunately it was only a one day trip to visit.  I sure could have stayed and hung out with the little man for many more days!  I guess that will have to wait until Christmas!

Monday, August 8

11 Months Old

Well Ella Kate you are officially 11 months old and even though this post is almost a week late I have dated it on the 8th just to keep things in the correct order.

So what has your crazy self been up to?
You are a big girl for your age.  You are currently weighing 23 lbs 4 oz and even though I am not sure of your length, you are moving into 18 month clothes so I am pretty sure you are keeping that length in the 95th percentile.

You are one heck of an eater!  You will eat anything and everything we give you.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of giving you mexican rice last week and now you refuse all of the bland food we had been giving you.  So table food it officially is!  You do love bananas, avocados, and watermelon.  Those are definitely your favorites.

You are wearing some 12 month, some 12-18 month and some 18 month clothes.  Just depends on the brand.  You are still wearing size 3 shoes when we make you put them on, but you would rather go barefoot!

 Getting your picture this month was terribly hard!  You wanted the camera or you want to move, so I could barely get one where you were not blurry!  You are just so full of energy.

This month you have turned into a fabulous napper!  You sleep about an hour to an hour and a half in the mornings and the same in the afternoons.  Also you refuse to nap on anyone, you want to sleep in a bed!

You have gotten really good at waving hi and bye and also blowing kisses.  Unfortunately you still only say da-da, but we are working on it!  I know one day you will decide to say ma-ma!

You get into EVERYTHING!  You have learned No very well this month cause you always seem to be in something you really shouldn't be. 

Well you love your pool and with the hot days its about the only thing we can do outside. Unfortunately you wish you could be outside at all times and let us know that often by standing at the back door and banging on it.

You are very close to walking but have not taken more than a few steps yet and never consistently.  I am pretty sure you will have taken off by the time you hit your first birthday.
We love you little monkey and can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us.  Though I am very not ready for you to already be one!