Sunday, October 23

Trip to Houston

Last weekend we decided to take a 4 day trip to Houston to let Ella Kate spend some time with the grandparents and also her cousins, Nanny, and Parrain.  It was a VERY busy weekend and we kept EK going almost non-stop the whole time.  Luckily she was in a great mood the whole time and loved everything we did!
On Friday afternoon we took Ella to the Houston Children's Museum.  If you are ever near Houston I highly recommend it.  They have a wonderful area for children from Birth to 35 months called the TotSpot and Ella loved it.  All of the activities in that area are for children in that age range and they can just run free and explor.
They even had an enlarged lite-brite which Ella loved.  Though really I think her daddy liked it just as much!
She was so proud of herself when she figured out how to stick the pegs in the hole!

After exploring the TotSpot for awhile, we decided to see what the rest of the museum had to offer.  All of the exhibits are great and I really hope to go back soon when my nephew is in town cause I know he would love it!
Even Parrain came and enjoyed the museum with us.  As usual he won extra Uncle points for braving the museum with us when he really didn't have to.  Thanks David!

Saturday of course was LSU football day, so after a busy morning of shopping with Granny, we headed out to Missourri City to play with the cousins and to see Nanny and Uncle Brad.
Two of my favorite little guys.  Easton was trying to stop Rowan from eating chalk.  Needless to say Rowan was not impressed at the intervention.
The Millers even made it out for some football and Jessica had a great time entertaining the older boys!  I will never get over that Easton and Gavin are only 3 weeks apart!  Their size looks more like 3 years!
Daddy with his little princess and his godson.  I am pretty sure shortly after this Ella had a breakdown cause daddy was holding someone besides just her.  We have really got to work on her manners :)
Saturday night the adults decided to go out to dinner.  It isn't very often that all 4 older boys are together in one place so of course I had to take advantage of the photo op.  We went to eat at a great restaurant in Sugar Land called Rouxpour.  We really enjoyed dinner and even more the company.  It was great getting out and enjoy a meal without having to chase kiddos around.
Of course EK had a great time being entertained my Granny.  She just loved climbing up and down the stairs and finally agreeing to just sit on the bottom step and relax with a huge bucket of spoons.  Of course the filled bucket only lasted a few minutes before Ella spilled it all over.
Granny even let her sit on the floor and enjoy some crushed ice.  This of course was to have her forget about the fact she had just ran into the table and bumped her head.  It's amazing how quick they forget!
Sunday afternoon Granny and Papi braved the crowds and took Ella to the zoo by themselves.  Unfortunately I wasn't feeling to hot so I stayed home and took a much needed nap!

They had not started Boo at the Zoo just yet at the Houston Zoo, but they were letting the kids decorate little pumpkins and EK got her hand stamped and got to pick a pumpkin for herself which she was very proud to show off!
They recently opened up the African exhibit at the zoo and Ella just loved it.  I am pretty sure she would sit and watch animals all day if she could and I can't wait to take her back to the zoo again.  Luckily I hear the zoo in Tyler is pretty good for the size of our town so I think we will be headed there next weekend.

As usual our trip was great and Ella Kate even behaved so well in the car (a first for her).  I find that trips are starting to get easier with her now that she is older and there are no bottles to bring and she can eat right off of our plates.  Luckily we have a few weeks off to recoup before our next big trip to LA for Thanksgiving!  Thanks again Granny and Papi for the fun!
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Sunday, October 9

Ella's First Playdate

Last weekend we agreed to watch a friend of our's daughter so they could finish moving into their new house.  Kloe is three weeks older than Ella Kate so we decided to brave having both girls and learn what it would be like if we ever had one year old twins.  Needless to say it is really true what they say, kids really do have more fun when they have someone to play with.
Ella Kate and Kloe played so well together the whole time!  Ella just loved showing Kloe all of her toys and I think Kloe enjoyed playing with them.
They even shared really well.  Well that is after Ella showed her dominance over her favorite toys and stole a few from Kloe.  Luckily that didn't last to long!
They even enjoyed snack time together!  If you notice Ella Kate is eyeing Kloe.  That little girl sure enjoys her food and always wants to make sure someone is not eating something that she wants!
I love this picture!  It looks like Ella is explaining to Kloe how to use the toy.  Needless to say the girls had a great time and we would be happy to have Kloe at our house anytime.  Good thing too cause they have just moved into our neighborhood which we are SO happy about!  I am sure these two girls will have many more playdates together!
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