Tuesday, May 31

Family Vacation

For Memorial Day Weekend we went and met the family up in Hot Springs Village so that the men could do some golfing and the kids could hang out. We had a wonderful time just enjoying the family and letting the kids have fun together. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Austin and Ella had such a wonderful time hanging out. He was so sweet to her the whole weekend and he loved playing with her. I am so glad those two got along! Ella already looks up to her big cousin!

My grandmother moved in with my Aunt a few months ago and they live only about an hour from Hot Springs so they decided to come up for the afternoon to meet Ella and hang out. It was so good to see everyone and we even got in a quick Adams family picture!

Austin even helped out some with Ella getting diapers and holding her bottle. He didn't even get jealous when Jennifer was holding her.

My crazy nephew! Man I just love this kid, he seriously cracks me up everytime he opened his mouth!

Ella loved all the attention this weekend! She was even able to get some one on one time with Aunt Jennifer!

There was a park nearby so we took the kids over one afternoon to play. Ella loved the swings and we tried to get her to crawl through the tube but we had no luck!

We were able to get this little guy to crawl through the tube! This was before the horrible chin accident. My brother told Austin to try and do a chin up which ended in a busted chin! Luckily it didn't require a trip to the emergency room!

The kids enjoying the swings. At one point they were just starring at eachother and I so wish I would have gotten a picture of it!

I am pretty sure that this was the highlight of Ella's weekend. Austin brought up his tractor and drove Ella all over the golf course in it. She absolutely LOVED it!

We had such a wonderful time and we are already planning our next vacation with the family!

Monday, May 16

Lazy Weekend!

We had a pretty low-key weekend around here. Keith's parents came in for a quick visit so we spent our time letting them love up on Ella Kate. Here are just a few pictures...
Daddy wanted Ella to wear his hat, but she wasn't very excited about it. Her face looks so chunky here :)

Hanging outside with Nona! The weather was gorgeous in the sun, but in the shade it was just a little chilly.

Feeling grass between her toes for the first time! She always wants to play with the grass, but usually has socks on outside or we are sitting on a blanket, but we decided to let her feel it with her feet.

As you can tell by her face, she wasn't very excited about it. I think she would rather pick it up and eat it!

Sunday, May 8

Eight Months Old and Mother's Day!

Well is today not only my first Mother's Day, but it is also Ella's 8 month birthday! So Ella Kate, what have you been up to?

You are still in a size 3 diaper and wearing both 9 month and 12 month clothes - we had to move you into 12 month PJs this week cause your 9 month ones were just too tight!

I am guessing you are measuring around 28 inches or so and weighing around 21-22 lbs.

You are taking 4 8 oz bottles a day and 2 solid meals.

You have tried the following foods:

Fruit- Bananas, Mangoes, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Avacado (which you love!)

Veggies - Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Squash, Spinach, and Green Beans

You are a horrible napper but still a wonderful sleeper at night so we can't complain!

You started crawling last week and are officially into EVERYTHING! But it is so fun that you are able to move around on your own and you love to follow us around - especially the cat!

Taking your picture this month was a lot harder than other months...
You either wanted to eat the paper or...

Get right up into the camera!

You love bath time! You would sit in the bath forever if we would let you.

You love being outdoors and either in your stroller or wagon! You could also just sit out on a blanket for hours and not get mad. We are going to get you a baby pool next weekend which we know you will love!

It is just amazing how much you have changed in only a few short months!

We love you more and more everyday and I am so thankful to get to celebrate my first Mother's Day being your mom!