Saturday, April 30


For Easter weekend, Granny and Papi came up for a visit and to spend some good quality time with the little one. Of course being the great grandparents they are they came bearing gifts!
Ella loves her new wagon! Unfortunately the weather has been so yucky we haven't gotten to take it out for another spin just yet!

On Saturday night we decided to do a little BBQ'ing and Ella was just so happy to be outside! We gave her a few of her Easter eggs early and she loved playing with them. I can't wait until next year when she can actually hunt for them!

Easter Haul! Cause it wouldn't be a holiday at our house without some sort of gift!

I am pretty sure this is only about our 3rd family picture since Ella was born. We just are not fans of taking pictures! Luckily we were able to give Ella an egg so we almost got a good one!

Daddy and his little mini me! Everywhere we go people always say that she looks so much like him!

Granny and Ella. Of course she looks right at the camera for this picture!

It was a great Easter and I am sure there will be many other great ones to come!

6 Month Pictures

A few weeks ago we took Ella's 6 month pictures and even though it was a bleak 55 degree day, she did great and the pictures came out so great! Thanks again Karin - we will see you again at 9 months!

I decided to try something a little fun and gave Ella one of my necklaces to wear while we took pictures and I think it helped the pictures come out a little better. This way she had something to play with!

I love this one! Her face looks so amazed at by what she has found and I think it is just too funny!

We took Ella's pictures in the Children's Park which is a memory and honor garden for children. My friend Carrie, lost her little boy in July and I just know him and Ella would have been great friends, so we had to take a picture with his memory stone while we were there. You can read about Carrie's story here.

Friday, April 8

Seven Months Old!

Ella Kate - Today you are seven months old! I just can not even begin to believe that... time has just flown to quickly! So what have you been up to?
You are 18 lbs 15 oz and 28 inches long

You are still in a size 3 diaper and wearing exclusively 9 month clothes

You are eating Oatmeal and Rice Cereal, Lots of Veggies (peas, carrots, grean beans, sweet potatoes, and squash) and lots of fruits (bananas, pears, apples, and peaches)

You take 4 bottles a day of 6 oz each

You are sleeping almost 12 hours a night from around 7:30 pm - 7:30 am (though we have to wake you up earlier during the week). But you are not a good napper - though I will take the night sleeping over the napping! You usually take a short morning nap, a mid-day nap, an hour or so in the afternoon, and have started needing a late afternoon nap again since you won't take a longer early afternoon nap.

You put absolutely everything you can get your hands on in your mouth (as shown by the picture)

You have begun sleeeping on your stomach. We never put you to sleep like that but that is always how you are when we get you up lately.

You are thinking about crawling but just haven't figured out how to do it and it frustrates you so much! I know you will figure it out soon enough and will be into EVERYTHING!

You were diagnosed today with ANOTHER ear infection and are starting your 4th antibiotic and have been put on Zyrtec to hopefully help with the allergies that you seem to have. We know tubes are inevitable!

You are the happiest sick baby there ever was and you have a ridiculous tolerance for the ear pain that you amaze not only us but also Dr. Calvert! You are definitely your daddy's daughter!
We fall more and more in love with you everyday! You really are a happy and smiley baby and are already growing into more of a little person than a baby. We Love You EKU!