Sunday, October 24

Sneak Peek!

Friday was Costume Day at daycare so of course Ella Kate had to wear her Halloween costume! If you can't tell she is a little lady bug... one that didn't look very happy with me at 7 am. I am sure there will be more pictures when Halloween actually comes!

Thursday, October 21

Daycare sure does wear a girl out!

Today I had to go back to work so the little miss had to head to daycare for the first time. They said she did really well and all of the teachers there are already in love with her... guess thats what happens when you are the new kid! Luckily it looks like they were able to keep her pretty close to our normal 3 hour schedule which is very nice, so I sure hope she sleeps tonight. As you can see from the picture she didn't wake up when I picked her up and she is still out!

Wednesday, October 20

6 Week Check Up and Shots

That's how Ella Kate felt about today! This morning we had to go and have a 6 week check up for the little one in order for her to go to daycare. Normally she would have this appointment at 8 weeks, but the doctor did not want her going into daycare during cold and flu season without her shots. So off to the doctor we went...

As of her 6 week check up:
Length - 22 1/2 inches (up another 1/2 inch since her last check up)
Weight - 9 lbs 7 oz (starting to fill out!)

The doctor says she is perfectly healthy and reaching all of her milestones for the normal 8 week check up so yeah Ella Kate! Unfortunately with this check up came 3 shots and an oral vaccine. She was a trouper for the oral vaccine and it actually looked like she wanted more... as for the shots, she was definitely NOT A FAN! I have never heard her scream like that poor thing! Needless to say it has been a rough afternoon around here. Her legs where they gave her the shots are really sore and she was running a bit of a fever, but luckily it's nothing a little pain reliever can't help and now she is sleeping peacefully... well at least for a little while!

Tomorrow I go back to work and Ella Kate is off to daycare - will definitely have to post about that adventure... not sure if I am ready for this yet!

Monday, October 18

Ella Kate's First Road Trip

This weekend we decided to take a trip to my parents house in Houston. It was a last minute decision since Keith had the weekend off and we really were not sure how a 3 1/2 hour trip with a 5 1/2 week old would go but it went great!

Keith left work early on Friday and we hit the road around 2:00. We figured if we left right after feeding Ella Kate then it would make the trip a little easier and she would fall asleep (which of course she did). We made one stop around 4:00 to give the little miss a bottle and then finished out trip and got to my parents around 5:45. We were very surprised at how easy of a trip it was and were very glad that she slept the whole way there! We were a little scared that with all of that sleeping that she wouldn't sleep Friday night, but she was a champ and actually slept better than she had in 3 nights.

Saturday the boys went and played golf and mom and I did what we do best, SHOP! Ella Kate was a great shopper and either slept or looked around the whole time we were out. We even got her a few new outfits for being so good! Saturday afternoon Nebraska played Texas so we just hung out at home and watched the game with my dad (which was very disappointing for him). Saturday evening Brad, Courtney, and Easton came over for dinner and to hang out which was great since we don't get to see them that often. Below is actually the only picture I took all weekend. It is the first two Dicke great grandchildren (Courtney is pregnant with #3)! Unfortunately Ella Kate wouldn't stay still so she is a little blurry... who would have thought it would be easier to get a 3 year old to sit still than a 5 week old!

Sunday we hung out at home for the morning and then went to eat at Nico Nico's, the best greek restaurant EVER! Keith and I were so glad to get greek food since you can not find it in Tyler! We headed back around 2:00 and again the trip was extremely smooth! I sure hope Ella Kate is such a good traveler when she gets older.

Thanks Granny and Poppi for letting us come and visit!

Friday, October 8

One Month Old

Ella Kate - Today you are one month old! Wow I can not believe it! So what have you been up to?

You are wearing size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes (though the waist on most of your 3 month pants are a little big - what can I say you have my butt so you don't fill anything out!)

You eat about 2 3/4 oz every 3 hours - though after your 10:00 feeding at night you usually go 4 hours which makes mom VERY happy! In each bottle you usually get a little over an oz of breastmilk and the rest formula - sorry this momma just can't keep up with you!

You are doing very good on the 'Babywise' schedule and usually stay up about an hour to an hour and half after every feeding and then go down for a nap. You have started putting yourself to sleep in your crib with just a little fussing during the day - though we can't seem to get you to put yourself to sleep at night (though we are working on it)!

You definitely know your mom and dad's voices and if someone else is holding you and you hear us you start to look for us which is really neat!

You love your swing and it can put you to sleep in about 5 seconds! You also love to play on your mat after your feedings and do really well when we have tummy time.

You are a GREAT car rider and are usually asleep before we even pull out of the driveway! That car seat is like your kryptonite!

We love you and can't wait to see what next month brings!

Tuesday, October 5

Ella Kate's Baptism

This past Sunday, October 3, 2010 we baptized the little one. We had lots of family in for the occasion and had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful service! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Here is our little angel. Her baptismal gown is the same one I wore 27 years ago. It is made from the same fabric as my mom's wedding dress and was made by my grandmother who passed away almost 10 years ago. She is wearing her first set of pearls that were given to her by Ms. Claire, the same person that gave me my first set of pearls (which I also wore for the occasion)!
Being baptized by Pastor Mark
Keith and I with the little miss!
With Ella Kate's godparents, Courtney and David
With my parents, as you can tell there were 20 cameras going off so no one knew where to look!
With Keith's parents
With Keith's grandparents
With Pastor Mark - does anyone notice consistency in this picture - yeah Ella Kate didn't wake up through any of it! Slept right through the service, baptism, and all of the pictures! What a trooper. Funny thing is it was the same with her cousin Austin - all of his baptism pictures he is out cold!
The whole group shot!
It was a wonderful service and we are so blessed to have so many members of our family come up to attend!