Sunday, August 15

Ella Kate's Room

I have been waiting to post this for quite awhile as I was waiting on a few more finishing touches for the room to come in. Figured it was finally time to post now that we only have 3 weeks left (give or take) until the little one's arrival.

As I posted earlier, I already showed you the inspirations for Ella Kate's room, so now let me share how it all came together.

When you first walk into the the nursery this is what you will see straight ahead. I have set up a little nursing corner for all of those late night feedings.
We had the cross made by Prairie Crosses who we found in Canton. I gave her the fabrics from the bedding and describe what I wanted and she did a great job! The valance was made by my mom. We found the fabric that matched the bedding and she just threw it together. I think it came out great. We ordered the glider and ottoman from Babies R Us and though I swear I ordered a white chair with brown cushions, pink and white is what came in the mail. Worked out well as that is what we really wanted, but the website kept saying it was out of stock. Guess they knew what I really was looking for!

To your right as you enter is my favorite area of the room, the crib!
We had the bedding made by Rocking Horse Bedding who we also found at First Monday in Canton. They did such a great job and the bedding is just what I wanted. The bear that is in the corner of the crib actually plays a heartbeat and sounds like that to help the baby remember the sounds of the womb. The blanket we have hanging over the side of the crib we got at a baby shower and has her name monogrammed on it and matches just perfectly!
On the same wall as the door is the changing table and hutch.
We tried our best to keep clutter off the changing part of the dresser so right now things look really clean, I sure hope it stays that way! I have put a few turtles and books on the shelves, and not surprisingly at all, all of the cupboards and drawers are nice and full with diapers, blankets, sheets, etc. All of those great essentials I will need.

At the top of the dresser is Ella Kate's first collection. My dad has been getting dolls from the different countries that he visits for his little granddaughter. He collects different types of money for his grandson. We think it will be neat years from now for each of them to have something from all over the world.
Here is a closer picture of the dolls - from left Columbia, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia, and Russia
To the left of the door is another dresser.
Of course we have this whole dresser full too. On top we have Ella Kate's little piggy bank which we have already started to fill with a little money to put towards her college fund. Next to that is a frame that we will be putting her baptism picture in when we do that in October. The rest of the items I posted earlier that I got at Hobby Lobby. Then of course we have the much needed humidifier, I hear this is a necessity!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of our nursery. I am still waiting on a painting that will hang above her bed and once that comes in I will post a picture of that too. I am so glad that it has all come together! Just a few more weeks...

Sunday, August 8

Church Baby Shower and Update

On Saturday the women at my church threw me a wonderful shower to celebrate the imminent coming of little miss Ella Kate! We had a wonderful turnout and it was a great two hours of friends, food, and fellowship. Here are just a few pictures from the event.
The cake and gorgeous flowers courtesy of Heather. She did a great job of decorating and getting everything set up!
Lori (who is due with baby 3 in February) and her little girl. She also has a little boy that is 2.
Mom and I in front of the food and cake table. You know Lutheran's we always have lots of food at events!
Karin and Annabelle Grace. Annabelle will be one in December and I can't wait for her and Ella Kate to hang out.
Mom playing the toilet paper game. She got the size of my belly exactly right. I am pretty sure she cheated some how!
Opening all of the wonderful gifts! We got so many great things including a hand made purple bunny rabbit that is so soft and I can't wait for Ella Kate to love on it!
This week I also had my 35 week check up and so far everything is still right on schedule. Next week I start with my weekly check ups and I am really hoping that he says there is some progress being made. I have been feeling really beat this weekend (might just be the heat) so I really have my fingers crossed that we are moving forward towards delivery day!!!