Wednesday, July 21

Trip to LA, Baby Shower, and 33 week check up

This past weekend we headed to Louisiana for what would be our last trip before Ella Kate's birth. I have officially been placed on no travel as I have hit 33 weeks!

We left on Thursday after work and made the 4 1/2 hour drive to Lafayette to stay with my friend Amy. It was almost 10:00 when we made it there so straight to bed we went.

Friday morning we went and visited Amy's family and this is what I was welcomed with:
You can't really read the cupcakes (which were funfetti which is my favorite) but it says "We Can't Wait for Ella Kate!" and yes the cupcakes were delicious but I tried to not eat to many!

After a short visit, we headed to Baton Rouge to eat lunch at Capital City Grill with my old co-workers from the Road Home, one of which is due 9 days before me. It was so great to see them and I hope to see them when Ella Kate and little Gianmario get to meet in a few months.
Here we are after lunch Diana, Me and Ella Kate, Caroline and Gianmario, Keri, and Krystal. Four of us shared very close quarters while we worked for the Road Home and I don't know how anyone got any work done with us around!
After we finished with lunch we headed to Covington to finish off our weekend. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Zea's, on Friday night and if you are ever in New Orleans, Lafayette, or Covington near a Zea's I highly recommend eating there and get the corn grits! After dinner my good friend from highschool, Talia, who is an Ob/Gyn resident in New Orleans came up to Keith's parents to visit since she got stuck on call during the shower on Saturday. It was so great to see her since it has probably been almost 2 years!
Saturday was my baby shower which was just great! We had a really good turnout and Courtney, Eve, and Breanne did such a great job! Here are a few pictures:
The delicious cake! (Sorry it is sideways... I thought I fixed all the pictures!)
With my wonderful DZ friends! I am so glad they got to come in for the shower! April, Jordan, me, Kelly, and Alexis.
Courtney (hostess) and I. Courtney is due with baby #2 December 8th and she knows what it is and will not tell me! She is killing me! I am going with boy though I have secret hopes its a girl!
Courtney's diaper cake she made! She did such an awesome job with it. Oh to be creative!
Opening gifts! This little dress was made by an Amish woman and has a matching bonnet! So adorable! It was given to me by Keith's grandma
With the great-grandma's (Keith's dad's mom on left and Keith's mom's mom on right). They both have great grandson's so this will be the first great granddaughter!
Saturday night we stayed low key and just grilled hamburgers and hung out. I was ready to crash early and was probably in bed before 10!
Sunday morning we left pretty early since we had a 6 hour trip in front of us. We did make a pitstop in Lafayette though for brunch with Amy and her family and my friend Katie and her little boy Tanner. Katie and Tanner were in from California and I was so glad it worked out that we got to see eachother!
Katie, a very unhappy Tanner, and I at Blue Dog before it was time to hit the road for the last 4 1/2 hours. Though after eating all of that wonderful food I just wanted to go to bed!
It was such a great trip and it was so wonderful to see all of the family and friends that we got to see. Made me realize though that the next time we make that trip, there will be a baby in tow! So Crazy!
Today I had my 33 week check up (only 7 weeks to go!). My doctor was out of the office so it was just a quick check up with the nurse. I have officially hit the 30 lb mark (AHHH!) but they say that everything sounds and looks good and that I am still right on track. I go back in 2 weeks and then will start my weekly check ups from there. I can't believe it is getting so close!

Wednesday, July 7

31 Week Check-Up

Well today was my 31 week check up with the doctor and lucky me I had another ultrasound to check on things.

My fluid levels are up from the last ultrasound a month ago and they are estimating her weight at around 3 lb 10 oz at this time (she better slow it down a bit or we are going to have a porker on our hands!). They didn't tell me this the last time, but my placenta was lower than they normally want it to be but it has moved back up to the correct position (if there is one) and will hopefully stay there until delivery. Her head and body parts have evened out their growing and everything is looking right on schedule for 31 weeks and 1 day. Dr. said she sounds and looks great and he has officially released me to make the trip to LA next weekend and I am sooooooo (times 14 billion!) happy! There will definitely be some long posts coming as I have lots of plans to see lots of people while we are down there.

Here are just a few pictures from today:
Of course I have to have a 31 week picture. Starting to really fill out and the once huge maternity clothes are starting to get snug!
You can kind of make out her facial features here. Well at least 2 eye sockets, nose and a small outline of the lips. Does look like she still has a pretty good jawline :)

Here here is her little foot... though as the ultrasound tech said it looks wide (not sure where a wide foot would come from as Keith and I both have the most narrow feet ever) but I am sure it will be long!
And here she is giving us a little thumbs up. Is it just me or does that thumb look awfully long? Guess she has inherited my long fingers!

Well that's it for now. I go back to the dr on the 21st just for a regular check up.

Sunday, July 4

Happy 4th of July and a few other things...

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there! I sure hope everyone is enjoying a day full of BBQ, Family, Friends and Fireworks! Keith is working today so I am taking advantage of a husband free day by getting some laundry done and relaxing away. Plus it is overcast and hot out there so I am glad to be inside.

I haven't really had anything to post about lately as I don't have another doctor's appt until the 7th so I figured I would just share some things having to do with Ella Kate... including baby shower invitations, clothes, and some accent pieces for her room. So enjoy!
This invitation was from my first shower that I had with work. My friend Aubrey handmade each one and she did such an awesome job!
This is the invitation for my shower in Louisiana in two weeks. My friend Courtney picked them out and did such a great job getting all of the colors of Ella Kate's room into them. I am not sure where she ordered them from, but when I find out I will share it.
Of course it is time to start sharing some of the cute clothes that we have bought the little miss. As there are all kinds of sales on summer clothes right now, she won't be able to wear these little outfits until next year, but I am a sucker for a sale so I figured I would stock up now. Oh I can't wait to put her in these!
Flower Dress - Carter's
Brown Plaid top and bloomers - Carter's
Blue ruffled dress - Polo by Ralph Lauren
And of course a future tiger's wardrobe would not be complete without a little purple and gold! Thanks to Nona (Keith's mom) she already has her game day gear ready for the fall and spring and my SIL found the LSU jersey at Goodwill! She is all ready to start cheering on those tigers!
Here are also a few of my recent find for accent pieces in her room thanks to a little trip to Hobby Lobby! I got the frame for about 8 bucks and the lamp for 12! Oh how I love Hobby Lobby and their 50% weeks! Though I am still trying to figure out how they make any money cause you know people have that 50% off alternating schedule memorized and only shop at those times!
One last thing is a prayer request for my SIL's younger sister Ashley. She is currently hospitalized due to some blood clotting problems and though things are definitely looking up from where they were last week I am sure she still has a long road ahead of her.

Well that is about it for now. I have an ultrasound and check-up on Wednesday so I will make sure to update then with a new belly picture and hopefully some good ultrasound pictures of the little lady!