Sunday, January 13

First Solo Horse Ride

This year for Christmas we packed up the car and headed down to South Louisiana to visit Keith's family and enjoy some good Louisiana food. We arrived in Covington on the Saturday before Christmas and spent a relaxing evening at home with just Keith's parents, a few of their friends, and Keith's grandparents.

On Sunday we loaded back up the car and headed over to Keith's Uncle Mitch's house in Gonzales to enjoy some of Aunt Lily's delicious gumbo and let Ella Kate have some fun out on the farm. We had prepared her for the fact that she would get to see a horse while she was there but we didn't mention the riding of a horse in case Blaze (who is almost 23 years old) was not in the mood to have someone climb up on him. Well Blaze was willing and EK got to have her first solo horse ride and absolutely LOVED it!

She was so patient as the saddled up Blaze and adjusted the stirrups so they would fit Ella. Then away they went!

Ella Kate also got to feed Blaze some carrots and peppermints (his favorite) to thank him for the ride.

One other surprise Uncle Mitch had in store for Ella Kate was to take her on a ride on the four wheeler, another treat that she just loved! Now I guess we are going to have to go and visit Uncle Shawn for him to take her out.

It was a great day with family and Ella was beyond exhausted the second we hit the road to head back to Covington.
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