Monday, January 14

Christmas Eve

It is tradition in Keith's family that anyone who is in town for Christmas Eve had to his grandparents house for dinner before going to church and then back to their house to open presents from all of the Aunts and Uncles so that is where we headed.

We of course had to get a picture of the three of us before church and really I am impressed that any came out. Ella Kate is not a fan of posing for pictures unless it is on her own accord but we got lucky and caught one good one of the 5 we took.

I have to say that trying to keep a two year old quiet during a 6:00 Christmas Eve service is virtually impossible and Ella Kate as usual proved that she was all two year old and wanted nothing to do with sitting still and paying attention. At one point when the entire church was quiet she loudly pronounced after coughing that she had thrown up. Luckily she was just trying to be funny and there was no true vomit.

After church (and more delicious food) we let the little ones (though really I guess the cousins are no longer little as Ella was the youngest by 10 years) open their gifts.

Ella Kate got a set of great books from her Aunt Lisa and of course being a principle Aunt Lisa took time to read them too her which Ella loved.

The best present of the night for Ella Kate was a Minnie Mouse suitcase. I have never seen a child so excited about a piece of luggage as this one was. She literally shook while she waited for us to get it out of the bag. Kid has a thing for Minnie Mouse - good thing too cause there was more of that in store for her later on.

After we finished up with all of the gift giving we headed back to Keith's parents to prepare for Santa's arrival.

An hour and a half and 100 stickers later EK's gifts were prepared and awaiting her in the morning.
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  1. Your hair is so long and pretty! Ella is too cute. I can't stand it. I miss y'all too much!