Wednesday, January 16

Christmas Day

I am not sure if Christmas morning this year was more fun for Keith and I or Ella Kate.  We were so excited for her to wake up and see her presents and she did not lack in facial expressions or excitement as the morning continued on.

When she first got up she really was not sure what to think of the things that Santa had got her and was a little overwhelmed by 6 people just staring at her waiting for a reaction, but eventually she got into it.  Plus my child is one that must eat as soon as she wakes up or the Hungry Monster comes out so it didn't take long for that to come about and breakdown city occcurred.  But once food was in that belly she was super pumped about everything and it shows. 

Aunt Lauren helped Ella get into full princess mode so she could finish opening up gifts.

One thing that Ella decided to do this year was to help each and every one of us open up our gifts.  Kid never lacked in reaction even when the gifts were not for her.  This was her classic face during the whole present opening.

Parrain even got into the action with a little light saber fight. 

Again the classic face

This year's gifts were all about the Princesses and Minnie Mouse.  It pretty much looked as if Disney had thrown up in the living room.

Once all of the present opening was behind us and before the rain started (yes, while we were in LA it stormed horribly while Tyler got 2 inches of snow... we missed a White Christmas at home :() we decided to let EK take the Volkswagon for a test drive and after a little convincing that the gas pedal wasn't going to hurt her away she went. 

Daddy is currently very glad that it will be another 14 years until she can officially drive cause let's just say she is not very good. 

The car did end up making a great place to sit and watch a little TV though.

After all of the presents were opened and we all got cleaned up all of the family came over to enjoy a late Christmas dinner.

Here is the whole Underwood clan including our newest member Dr. Aunt Lauren! 

We were even able to convince Ella to smile long enough to take a picture of 4 generations of Underwood/Dicke's.

It was a great Christmas in Louisiana and one we are sure to never forget. 
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