Friday, January 18

From Covington To Houston

Once we had finished up all of the festivities in Covington we headed towards Houston to spend a little time with my parents on Thursday. We decided to split up the 6 hour drive a bit and make a few pit stops on our way to see a few friends.

Our first stop was Baton Rouge to visit my friend Jordan and of course Mike the Tiger! This was the first time Ella Kate had made it to Mike's habitat and though he was not easily found, she loved the statue in front of his home.

She even agreed to take a picture with her daddy. I think I might need to frame this one for my office! My two favorite people and one of my favorite places!

Stop two was to meet up with a few of my highschool friends for lunch in Lafayette. I was so glad that I was able to catch a few of them before they headed back home but we were super sad that not everyone could join us. I have talked about my highschool friends here.

It was so good to see Ashley, Jessica, and Katie and of course their kiddos. We had been lucky enough to see Harper and Jude while we were in Vegas but I had not seen Tanner since he was about 4 months old and EK was still in my belly. We were of course sad that we had missed Megan by only a few hours and she had flown out that morning back to Virginia, Talia couldn't make it cause she had to be back at work delivering babies (stupid residency), Aimee was back in Boston, and our international crew of Abbi and Laine didn't make it back to the states for Christmas this year. I sure can't wait for us all to be together again!

Our pit stops before heading to Houston were definitely good for my heart as it is always so good to see old friends.
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  1. I so love that picture of you girls and the kiddos. I'm glad you got to get together and I'm sad I missed it. Also love the one of EK and her daddy with Mike. Definitely a frame worthy one.