Thursday, August 6

Another Book Suggestion

So today I finished another wonderful book that I just had to recommend to everyone out that wants to read about an amazing friendship. "The Girls from Ames" is about the 40 year long friendship of 11 women and it is just simply wonderful. I seriously could not put it down and more than once did I tear up a bit! It is a must read!

While reading this book, I couldn't help but think of my own sort of Girls from Ames friendship that I have with my friends from high school. I love these girls dearly and could not imagine my life without them. They helped so much in shaping the person that I am today and I thank them for that.
This is us on the last day of our sophomore year of high school. We became close friends that year and on that day we would have never known what was in store for us. Together we have been through more ups and downs than most high school friends go through in their lives. We have been through the death of a parent, death of friends, more boyfriends than 9 girls ever need to have, 1 high school graduation, 9 college graduations, 6 weddings, one birth, and awaiting the birth of 2 more. I wouldn't change our friendship for anything.

This is the last picture of all of us together. One day, when we are all rich and able to spend frivolous amounts of money on nothing I pray that we can all be together again and spend just a weekend remembering the good times together and talking about our lives apart.

I love you girls!

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