Sunday, January 20

The Princess Doctor (The Last Christmas Post)

When we did make it to Houston we decided to go ahead and finish up Christmas once and for all and open presents with my parents. They had just gotten back from my brother's that afternoon so they were yet to open up their gifts from eachother so my dad was raring to get it started.

My mom wrapped all of EK's gifts in Christmas Princess paper so she was pretty hesitant at first to start ripping things open but eventually she got into it and was overjoyed with everything she got.

I am pretty sure you can see what her favorite gifts were from the pictures below...

Yes, that is my princess doctor. We are huge fans of Doc McStuffins around these parts and what girl doesn't love a good pair of high heels and a tiara! Best combination ever.

And now we are done with Christmas for this year. Though we all know it will sneak up on us before we know it... hmmm I wonder what Christmas will be like for us next year?
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